Security Tips


  1. When moving into new premises, change your locks so that previous tenant’s don’t have access.
  2. Always use a registered LASA & PSIRA locksmith. LASA & PSIRA locksmiths are checked once a year to make sure they don’t have criminal records.
  3. Make sure you have a spare key for your vehicle. Most car keys from 1995 are coded & will be very costly to replace if all keys are lost.
  4. Change your house alarm code once in a while so people don’t get to memorise your code.
  5. Check your locks regularly to make sure all are in working order and doors are secure.
  6. If you lose a car key make sure to have the lost key deleted.
  7. If you have a bakkie with a spare wheel lock make sure you have a key and check the lock regularly to make sure it’s in working condition.
  8. Most insurance companies will dispatch a Locksmith, Plumber or Electrician for free. If you are locked out of your house or car give your insurance a call and you might save some money.
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